November 23, 2010


My wishlist
Ok, I have to admit that I have an enourmous wishlist (and not only materialistic things like clothes). For now I'm going to show you what I really love about ZARA's new winter collection. In the next post I'll post some pieces I love from another brands. And who knows, maybe I get something for Christmas?


My new winter coat


November 18, 2010


 This is the new campaign for suit supply. Ik has caused a lot of commotion in The Netherlands, but I have to admit that I admire the shameless way they try to sell clothes with sexual images. On the other hand, I'm affraid that it can be seen as a negative stereotype. If you pay attention, you can see that the one who is naked in this images is always the woman. This can lead to misunderstand the role of women in front of a man.
Anyway, you can surely say that it has received a lot of attention and that more people are getting curious about this brand because of their advertisements (and that was their main goal).

You talk it, we live it.
You're jealous, admit it.

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