August 10, 2010

Behind the scenes

I like the way this photographer put her ideas in these photos. I think it's an amazing set of what really could have happened with those fairytales. This is the way she describes it :"What REALLY went on with those characters behind closed doors! The forgotten chapters."
Here are some of my favourites because of the way she expresses the suffer and pain she wants you to feel when you look at that picture. Every picture has a different tittle making reference to a common problem that concerns us today. I also think that some pictures are very hard to look at.
You can find more of her amazing work at her webpage.

Dorothy's ban from Oz
Little red's secret
Puss in boots job on the side
Belle's drunken mistake
Snow White's eating disorder
Thumbelina's stunted growth
The mistery of the Princess's bruises
Sleeping beauty's other needles
Wendy's survival when terrorists attacked Neverland
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